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Starry, starry night, an amazing night sky experience.  I have seen a starry sky before, but this was something else!!!!  It was like someone just turned the lights out and the entire sky was aglow with billions of mini lights!!!  

Never seen anything like it.  

Becky and John are passionate about the stars and you can feel their enthusiasm exuding from them.  One of the best experiences I had during my time in New Zealand!!!
Looking at Alpha Centuari through the telescope!!!  Blew my mind!!!                               



What an excellent experience last night; thank you so much! Not sure my son was too happy when I walked in at 12.30am and told him a couple of stories. But the guys heard all about it in the office this morning.

I’ll be back!


David Hancock / General Manager /  Destination Wairarapa           

A fantastic evening with two great hosts who between them introduced us to the night
sky then picked out some highlights to focus on with incredible telescopes.