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About Us


The night sky fascinates me. The enormity of it is beyond our understanding. It blows me away just thinking about it.

I set up Star Field because I wanted to spend the rest of my life observing the night sky and photographing deep space. I love sharing the wonderful dark skies we have here in Martinborough, both with experienced astronomers and with people who have never seen stars close up before.   

John Whitby - Founder Star Field


Becky has always loved stargazing from an early age, the stories and myths from these stars fascinated her. Since moving to New Zealand, she continued her passion for asronomy by working at Carter Observatory (now Space Place) for seven years as their Educator and Public Programmer.

Enticed by the dark sky in the Wairarapa, she brought her family over the hill and now runs her own stargazing tour business called ‘Under The Stars’ which delivers stargazing tours to a variety of locations, including Star Field Tours Martinborough.

Becky Bateman - Tour Guide

Star Field Location

Access to Star Field, is currently only available via transport provided on tours.