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Star Field Tours will cease as of 28th December 2019, due to owners health. All bookings and vouchers will be fully refunded, in the next 48 hours.

Star Gazing Tours

We offer star gazing under premium dark skies in rural Martinborough with experienced astronomy and telescope guides escorting you around our starry heavens.

We take you on a journey through space and time, understanding the importance of constellations, the science of stars, our Solar System, planets, and how to read the sky using celestial navigation.

We delve further back in time with telescope viewing of deep sky treasures, like exploding stars, galaxies and globular star clusters, the light from which has taken millions of years to travel to us.

Enjoy a day of fine wine and dining at Martinborough's gold standard vineyards, then spend the night stargazing under Star Field's gold standard skies.

Join us for a truly memorable evening at Star Field.

Part One 

The Night Sky Tour 

Our experienced tour guide will take you on an incredible journey around the night sky using a laser pointer

and a unique combination of astronomy and storytelling.

 © Image by Andy Bateman

Part Two 

Telescope Viewing

Take a closer look through our powerful telescopes.

See amazing deep sky objects in our own Milky Way galaxy and far beyond.

Image by Steffen Boelaars